Principles of E-Government

Course Description

This course provides background knowledge on the basic concepts of ICT development and e-government. It gives an overview of the evolution of IT, its content and its applications, with particular reference to e-government. The areas of e-government covered include: reconstruction of government structure, re-engineering of business processes, computerization of various executive and operational activities, and the provision of better services to its clients, so as to establish a government of the information age.

Topics Included

  • Rapid Development of Information Technology
  • Government Informatization
  • Government Online and E-Government
  • Modeling of Government Business
  • E-Government Readiness Assessment
  • Metadata
  • E-Government Security
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Planning

Course Sessions

Click on each session to view the course. After completing all sessions, please take the survey and the assessment.

› Session I — Rapid Development of IT
› Session II — Government Informatization
› Session III — Government Online & E-Government
› Session IV — Modeling of Government Business
› Session V — E-Government Readiness Assessment
› Session VI — Metadata
› Session VII — E-Government Security
› Session VIII — Risk Management & BCP