Global & Regional Trends in Civil Service Reform & Development
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An initiative of the Regional Hub, this collaborative research paper aims to identify global and regional trends, if they exist, in civil service development and reform taking place around the globe.

It examines strategies, policies, programmes, and other measures deployed across numerous civil service systems around the world in an attempt to identify whether common tendencies exist.

Its focus is on the substance of development and change, without, however overlooking the influence of the processes affecting the type, degree and pace of change; taking into consideration the historical context of each system, at the same time.

It aspires to become a resource guide to policy makers and practitioners on contemporary developments and future trends in civil service transformation efforts, in their quest to make their administrations more responsive, transparent, and accountable, and more professional in their interactions with citizens while dispensing public services.

Its usefulness becomes apparent considering the demands of these challenging times characterised by rapid global change. In this new environment, civil servants are not only expected to fulfil their original mission, but they must also assume another complex role. They must become active brokers and arbitrators among a wide-ranging array of competing actors and stakeholders, as it is still the government’s responsibility to mediate conflicting interests and provide solutions, by constantly taking initiatives in a variety and multitude of policy areas.


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