Request for Proposals(RFP)

The United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Kazakhstan (UNDP) is announcing the Request for Proposals (RFP) process in order to implement a project titled: «Development and introduction of a Common Framework of Competencies (Competencies Model), testing programmes for assessing competencies and determining the level of commitment to the values of the civil service for the Corps B administrative civil service positions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.


Detailed information is given in the attached Request for Proposals package.

Instructions: Proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the UNDP Office situated at 14 Bukeikhan Street, Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan; and it should be addressed to Yerzhan Temirgaliyev, Procurement Associate. The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday 12

October 2015, 18:00 hours Astana time.

In case you have any questions on this tender, please contact Mr. Yerzhan Temirgaliyev, UNDP Procurement Associate, by telephone at +7 (7172) 696544, and/or by email at:yerzhan.temirgaliyev@undp.org

Proposals submitted after the deadline will automatically be disqualified.

Proposals should be duly signed and stamped.

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