State Corporation “Government for Citizens”

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unnamedState Corporation “Government for Citizens” was founded in April 2016 as a unified provider of public services as a part of the mplementation of the Plan of the Nation “100 specific steps to implement five institutional reforms”.

The organization was founded to ensure quality delivery of all public services to citizens in one place. The organization was inspired by Canada Service (Canada) and Centrelink (Australia), which proved to be effective models to deliver public services.

The organization has integrated several organizations in its structure, including such state enterprises “Public Service Center”, “State Center for Pension Payments”, “Real Estate Center” and “Scientific Production Center of Land Cadastre”. An extensive network of front-offices provides services to the thousands of citizens on a daily basis (6 days a week) and within the unified timetable. The new structure combines 530 public services that are rendered to people on the “one-stop-shop” principle. It is planned that in 2017 the number of services will rise to 583.

It is evident that the integration of all public services by the single provider makes it possible to avoid unnecessary administrative barriers, substantially reduce the list of documents requested for receiving public services. As a consequence, the process of public service delivery becomes more transparent and less time-consuming. Thus, State Corporation has successfully implemented several pilot projects, aimed at reducing the time for provision of the services, such as decreasing vehicle registration time frame, reducing the time it takes to obtain technical certificate for real estate item and to register amendments to identifying characteristics, etc.

Among the recent innovations of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” are so-called composite services, which provide public services based on the “one application” principle. For example, composite service “Determination and approval of cadastral (assessed) cost of land lots” in the settlements integrated two services at once: “Determination of cadastral (assessed) cost of land lots” and “Approval of cadastral (assessed) cost of land lots.” As a result of the optimization, the terms of service provision have been reduced and people no longer need to visit public service centers twice.

Within the framework of another pilot project that has proved to be successful, it is now possible to apply for birth registration, child birth and childcare allowances, social benefits in case of loss in income due to pregnancy and childbirth, as well as to place a child on a waiting list to the kindergarten right away at a maternity hospital.

The State Corporation “Government for Citizens” is planning to further improve public service delivery, introduce modern ICT and innovative solutions, and expand services on the “one application” principle. 

One-Stop-Shop Public Service Delivery Model: the Case of Kazakhstan 

For more information, please visit the website of the organization.