Hub’s mission, goal and objectives

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To assist in promoting civil service effectiveness by supporting the efforts of governments of countries of the region and beyond in building institutional and human capacity.


To become a multilateral platform engaged in the exchange of experience and knowledge, uniting efforts to reform and build capacity of civil services in participating countries.

Hub’s main areas of activities:

Partnerships and networking
Capacity building and peer-to-peer learning
Research and knowledge management


• Strengthen cooperation among participating institutions and build partnerships with expert networks, thinks tanks and universities all over the world;

• Cultivate a network of policy makers, practitioners and other partners to share knowledge and experience on civil service reform in the region;

• Provide technical assistance and advisory services to the governments of the participation countries to enhance capacity on civil service issues;

• Facilitate and support capacity-building activities to enhance in-country and regional knowledge, skills and attitudes on civil service development and modernization;

• Introduce innovative approaches in learning and training to generate more effective acquisition of knowledge and skills among the beneficiaries;

• Carry out applied research and analysis on civil service development and professionalization;

• Publish and disseminate knowledge products, including review of innovations in civil service, case-studies, regular and occasional thematic policy and white papers, and a journal.