Who manages the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana (ACSH)?

The Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana structure comprises of a Provisional Steering Committee and Secretariat, which located in Astana, Kazakhstan and three working groups of the Regional Hub based on its three functions.

On this basis, the Hub performs the following functions:

  1. Training and Experience Exchange

    • The joint search for useful solutions to build practical experience and capacity;
    • Support for accelerated reform at national level, by strengthening the capacity of professional and expert civil service networks in the region;
    • Organization of training activities, joint events and seminars for civil servants of member countries, making use of the world’s best practice.
  2. Knowledge Management

    • Analysis and identification of challenges and key areas for improvement of civil service systems across countries in the region;
    • Management of knowledge products relevant to the civil service;
    • The creation of a platform for joint regional programmes and projects, addressing the main priorities of civil service reform; academic research on issues topical to the civil service;
    • The publishing of an online magazine on issues topical to the civil service, to promote greater exchange of knowledge.

    Products developed under research programmes will be published on the website and e-library.

  3. Partnerships and Networks

    With regard to the interests of member countries, the Regional Hub will:

    • Create a network of partners and experts from among its members;

    • Strengthen cooperation and regular experience sharing relating to the civil service, including the development of appropriate policies;

    • Hold annual conferences and reporting meetings of the Steering Committee.