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asan-xidmet-logoAzerbaijan successfully applies a one-stop shop model of public service delivery branded as “ASAN xidmət” (ASAN Service) since September 2012. The necessity to reshape the public service delivery in Azerbaijan was dictated by a number of pervading problems in government entities, which were still salient despite a series of legislative and administrative measures taken by the Government throughout the 2000s. 

ASAN Service overseen by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has a peculiar concept based on multi-actor involvement, but with clear delineation of their functions to avoid any duplication. Thus, ASAN does not provide any service, but allocates space for public and private entities in premises called ASAN Service centres to render directly their services to the citizens. Moreover, the State Agency sets uniform standards and principles, which are transparency, efficiency, responsibility, courtesy and comfort, monitors and assesses the work of service providing public entities in conformity with those standards and principles, trains their staff and measures customer satisfaction.

Through its law-based and innovative approach to delivering services to all residents around the country via physical centres and mobile buses, ASAN Service has managed to form a system, which a priori invalidates any condition that may be conducive to corruption, red tape and malfeasance, and holds very high customer satisfaction rate.

ASAN Service unites under its umbrella over 230 services of 10 ministries and 25 groups of private entities, thus exemplifying Public-Private Partnership in the public service delivery.

The case of ASAN Service as a role model for reinventing the public service delivery has received widespread recognition. ASAN has been acknowledged by the United Nations through its prestigious Public Service Award as one of the advanced mechanisms and best practices in public service delivery.

One-Stop-Shop Public Service Delivery Model: the Case of Azerbaijan 

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