Kazakhstani civil servants learnt the Singaporean experience in public governance
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On 28-29 May 2018, the Astana Civil Service Hub jointly with Nazarbayev University organized a workshop for the senior civil servants of the President and Prime Minister’s Offices and relevant ministries. The workshop delivered the Singapore’s experience in change management in the public sector, civil service reforms, economy’s diversification, investment incentives and industry development. The participants learnt how to innovate the public agencies effectively, what barriers exist while leading changes in public sector and discussed the differences in renumeration schemes of both countries. They have also learnt the civils servants’ role as political entrepreneurs.

The workshop was delivered by Mr. Lim Sion Guan, the ex-president of the sovereign welfare fund of Singapore GIC, the former head of Economic Development Council and the Civil Service Agency in Singapore. Mr. Lim Sion Guan has an extensive background in public service. He shared his knowledge with the participants, who noted that Singapore’s experience in building effective public service was of high interest for Kazakhstan.