Deadline for submission of applications: 26 October 2015 

The Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana (Hub) is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for the Innovative Solutions Scheme aimed at supporting initiatives for public administration modernization and encouraging innovation and creativity in public institutions. 

The Innovative Solutions Scheme is a multistage mechanism, which allows:

1) to identify successful innovative solutions in public administration,

2) to facilitate deeper understanding by the Hub participating countries of the identified solutions by supporting preparation process of case studies and manuals with mechanism for potential replication and presentation of innovative solutions in public administration,

3) to organize replication of these solutions in other countries.

Objectives of the Innovative Solutions Scheme are: 

• To reward service to citizens and motivate public servants in the region to sustain the momentum of innovation and improvement of the delivery of public services;
• To collect and disseminate successful practices and experiences in public administration in order to support efforts for improvements in country level public service delivery;
• To promote, encourage and facilitate networking among institutions and organizations relevant to public administration and strengthen the networks of the Hub;

To enhance professionalism in the public service in rewarding the successful experiences in innovations and excellence in the public service.
There are two thematic areas in 2015:

1. Enhancing Service Delivery in Public Education
2. Innovative Methods of Protecting Meritocratic Principles in Selection and Promotion Processes of Civil Servants


All public organizations/agencies at national and sub-national levels, Academies of public administration, think-tanks, public associations, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals – researchers and experts from any country are eligible to apply to the Scheme.


The following are NOT eligible to apply to the Scheme: 

  • profit making activities or private companies
  • UNDP Country Offices
  • Country Offices of other UN Agencies An applicant may submit more than one application but only one of the proposed solutions may be supported.

  Selection Criteria 

All successful applications must meet two overarching criteria:

• Proposed solution is based on development of new tools and innovative solutions in order to improve access to, as well as the delivery of, programs and services to citizens;
• Proposed solution is replicable, transferable and adaptable to other communities.

Other criteria include:
• Relevance of the solution to the objectives and priorities of the Scheme
• Relevance of the solution to the needs identified
• Clarity of methodology
• Visibility and sustainability strategy
• Self-evaluation and performance monitoring system with well-defined indicators
• Partnership and networking strategy with government agencies and entities

Selection Process Steps:

1. Application Procedure
1-1: Submission of Applications
Applications are submitted by email only.
1-2: Short Listing Applications by a Selection Panel
Selection Panel conducts a preliminary screening and assessment for qualification under the proposed scheme and category.

2. Evaluation, Ranking and Final Selection of Qualifying Applications
2-1: Technical review of applications by the Selection Panel and ranking of applications.
Technical review and scoring of the applications will be in accordance with the selection criteria adopted by Selection Panel.
2-2: Notification of winners.

3. Contracting
3-1: Check of formal requirements of applications.
3-2: Signing of agreements and payment of the first installment.
Detailed requirements for deliverables and the mechanism of interaction between the winner and the Innovative Solutions Scheme organizers will be described in separate contracting documents.

4. Preparation and Presentation of Deliverables
4-1: Preparation of case studies and manuals for replication by the winners.
Case studies and manuals should be submitted to the Head of the Research Team of the Hub for the review, potential feedback and approval.
4-2: Presentation of case studies and manuals at the seminars organized by the Hub.

5. Replication of Successful Cases
5-1: Establishment of Partnerships.
The Hub and corresponding UNDP country offices coordinate establishment of partnerships between the winner and governments/public institutions/individuals willing to replicate the successful cases.
5-2: Within separate projects of the Hub, successful cases are replicated in other countries.

6. Publication and Dissemination
6-1: The Scheme implementation results and findings on the most successful innovative solutions in public administration are published.
6-2: The Hub disseminates knowledge and new ideas on modernization of public and civil service.
Deliverables of winners
The Innovative Solutions Scheme winners will receive funds to prepare a case study of successfully implemented innovative solutions in public administration, a manual for potential replication, and to present these deliverables at Hub’s events.

A case study will describe the innovative solution and key success factors. The replication manual for practitioners will describe the recommended steps for implementation and consist of the following parts:

1. Preconditions for replication
2. Steps of Replication
3. Maintenance and Sustainability
4. Estimated Budget


Several solutions in each category will be awarded, each will receive up to USD 15,000. The funding aims to cover the costs for preparation of a case study and a manual for potential replication of solutions by other countries and presentation of them at Hub’s events.
Submission of Applications

Applying individuals/organizations must send the completed applications (and copies of any required supporting documents) to the following email address: no later than 26 October 2015, 12.00 (noon) Astana time. Applications shall not exceed 1000 words, the suggested font is 12-point Times New Roman.

Please note that applications received after the above deadline will not be considered. Completion of all the sections is compulsory. Incomplete applications shall be disregarded.

Any requests for clarification on the application process shall be sent to the email address before submitting the applications.

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