Representatives of Hub’s participating countries discussed the use of new technologies in public service
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 A workshop for participating countries of the Regional Hub of Civil Service took place in Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) on “Improving the Recruitment and Selection in the Civil Service: Human Resources Management Informatization System.”  The event was organized by the Agency of Civil Service of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Regional Hub for Civil Service and UNDP.

The representatives of the authorized bodies from the Hub participating countries, including Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Georgia and Moldova participated at the workshop.  In addition to civil servants, the event was also attended by international experts and representatives of the international organizations and institutions in the field of ICT.

The event was opened by Her Excellency Ms. Melika Mahmutbegovic, the Vice-President of Federation of FBiH, Mr. Refik Begic, the Director of Civil Service Agency of FBiH and Mr. Yernar Zharkeshov, the Portfolio Manager/ Team Leader of the Regional Hub for Civil Service in Astana.  The speakers noted that such events are necessary due to the necessity of cooperation to improve the quality of recruitment and selection of civil servants of the countries of the region using modern technologies.

During the workshop, the participating countries of the Hub including Kazakhstan presented their best practices on implementing new technologies in HRM.  The Deputy Head of Office of Technical Support of Information System “E-kyzmet” of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-corruption Mr. Gani Ziyashev talked about the main aspects of “E-kyzmet” in

The participants were also introduced to the mechanisms of creating an informational system of the roster of civil servants of Lithuania, the HR electronic system of Georgia, of the centralized IT-system for HRM of Moldova and other successful methods and approaches in HRM.

According to participants, the event contributed to exchange of experiences, strengthening of professional ties and development of partnerships.  Towards the end, the participants were provided a feedback form to identify and plan future events in capacity building and to exchange experiences.

Currently, there are 36 participating countries of the Hub including the countries of the OECD, CIS, Central Asia and ASEAN. The Hub was established at the initiative of the Government of Kazakhstan and the UNDP as an institutional base for continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of civil service. 

You can also download presentations and watch video about this event.


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