A new book in the Astana Hub’s library collection
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The strategic partner of the Astana Civil Service Hub, Mr. Max Everest Philips, Director of the UNDP Global Center for Public Service Excellence, Singapore granted his newly written book “The Passionate Bureaucrat. Lessons from the 21st Century from 4,500 years of Public Service Reform” to the ASCH library collection.

In his book the author argues that effective and impartial public administration is the foundation of state legitimacy. He provides the values of public service reforms implemented 4,500 years ago and stresses their relevance and importance in the 21st century context.  In his opinion, successful states will be those that recognize pubic service as a key determinant of national competitive advantage. This should generate a radical change in the image of the civil servant – from dull, uninspired public official to passionate advocate of the common good.

The book describes the current public service trends and provides valuable recommendations on civil service development and improvement, depicts a desired image of public officials passionate to contribute to the welfare and betterment of the society.

The book is available at the Astana Hub’s library for all interested people.

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