OECD and Kazakhstan develop cooperation in the field of public service (Bnews.kz)
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The ceremony of exchange of letters on cooperation between the Regional Hub in the sphere of civil service in Astana and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was held in Astana.

“The OECD brings together 34 of the most developed economies in the world and certainly the experience of OECD countries and the Directorate for state administration is very important for all countries in the region that are implementing reforms. We hope that our cooperation will work for the benefit of all governments,” said Alikhan Baimenov, chairman of the Steering Committee of the Regional Hub in the sphere of civil service in Astana.

In turn, director of state administration and territorial development of the OECD Rolf Alter noted that Kazakhstan and OECD could establish close cooperation.

“Civil service is needed to provide the best services to citizens and the business community. The OECD can provide a positive experience and best practices in this area, not only for Kazakhstan, but also neighboring countries. After September 2015, when objective of sustainable development were declared, the world has become more unified, generality, because it is clearly stated that to develop the state and become successful, good government and high-quality professional civil service is necessary. It is noteworthy that Kazakhstan started the announcement of the UN goals of sustainable development long time ago. Kazakhstan has become a wonderful partner for us,” said R.Alter. 

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